Traditional Varieties of Rice


This is the traditional risotto rice, often defined as the king of risotto. 

Serving suggestions:Carnaroli rice has far greater resistance to cooking than other varieties of rice because of its higher amylose content. This makes it ideal for risotto.

Cooking time: 16/18 minutes.

Riso Carnaroli


This is an Italian variety of superfine rice.

Serving suggestions: : thanks to its high absorption capacity, Baldo rice is recommended for risotto.

Cooking time: 16/17 minutes.

Riso Baldo


This rice is rich in nutritious substances and contains high quantities of iron, vitamins (B1, B3 e B6), manganese and phosphorous.

Serving suggestions: it is perfect for boiling, baking and for rice salads.

Cooking time: 40/45 minutes.

Riso Integrale

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